Miscellaneous Metalink Performance Articles 2

24 12 2009


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It appears that my previous post of this topic was well received (thanks Doug).  My search through Metalink in July/August found quite a number of performance related articles – many more than I expected to find on the support site.  Below are a couple more of those articles – some of these articles are offered as suggested further reading items for the topics in the chapters that I co-authored.

  • Doc ID 179668.1 “TROUBLESHOOTING: Tuning Slow Running Queries”
  • Doc ID 296377.1 “Handling and resolving unshared cursors/large version_counts”
  • Doc ID 43214.1 “AUTOTRACE Option in sqlplus” – lists all of the various SQL*Plus options for controlling the output of expected execution plans for SQL statements, and the runtime statistics.
  • Doc ID 215187.1 “SQLT (SQLTXPLAIN) – Enhanced Explain Plan and related diagnostic information for one SQL”
  • Doc ID 235530.1 “Methods for Obtaining a Formatted Explain Plan” – shows several ways to retrieve execution plans, including DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR.
  • Doc ID 41634.1 “TKProf Basic Overview” – quick reference guide for enabling a basic SQL trace, processing the trace file with TKPROF and understanding the contents of the resulting report.
  • Doc ID 39817.1 “Interpreting Raw SQL_TRACE and DBMS_SUPPORT.START_TRACE output” – shows how to decode a raw 10046 extended SQL trace file, includes keywords added in 11g.
  • Doc ID 779226.1 “Troubleshooting Oracle Net”
  • Doc ID 219968.1 “SQL*Net, Net8, Oracle Net Services – Tracing and Logging at a Glance”
  • Doc ID 216912.1 “How to Perform Client-Side Tracing of Programmatic Interfaces on Windows Platforms”
  • Doc ID 438452.1 “Performance Tools Quick Reference Guide”
  • Doc ID 394937.1 “Statistics Package (STATSPACK) Guide” – the 26 page reference for creating and understanding Statspack reports in through
  • Doc ID 215858.1 “Interpreting HANGANALYZE trace files to diagnose hanging and performance problems”
  • Doc ID 423153.1 “Understanding and Reading Systemstates” – shows how to read the contents of systemstate dumps .
  • Doc ID 370363.1 “CASE STUDY: Using Real-Time Diagnostic Tools to Diagnose Intermittent Database Hangs”
  • Doc ID 362791.1 “STACKX Core / Stack Trace Extraction Tool” – Unix/Linux utility that pulls the call stack information from core dump files.
  • Doc ID 352363.1 “LTOM – The On-Board Monitor User Guide” – tracing in the database and in the operating system.
  • Doc ID 301137.1 OS Watcher for Unix/Linux, Doc ID 433472.1 OS Watcher for Windows.
  • Doc ID 377152.1 “Best Practices for automatic statistics collection on Oracle 10g”
  • Doc ID 149560.1 “System Statistics: Collect and Display System Statistics (CPU and IO)”



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