Undo Segments – What is Wrong with this Quote?

21 06 2010

June 21, 2010

I located another interesting section of a paragraph in the June 2010 printing of the “Oracle Performance Firefighting” book.  From page 231:

“By default, Oracle tries to assign only one active transaction per undo segment. If each undo segment has an active transaction and if there is space available in the undo tablespace, Oracle will automatically create an additional undo segment. This usually takes care of the buffer busy waits. However, if there is no more room in the undo segment tablespace, multiple transactions will be assigned to each undo segment, and eventually undo segment header contention will result. The solution is to add another database file to your undo segment tablespace, thus enabling Oracle to create additional undo segments. It’s that simple.”

What, if anything, is wrong with the above quote from the book (it is possible that nothing is wrong)?  Keep in mind that these blog articles are intended to generate discussion – be sure to check any and all comments attached to the articles in this series.  The comment section is where the heart of the blog article material in this series will be found.

The point of blog articles like this one is not to insult authors who have spent thousands of hours carefully constructing an accurate and helpful book, but instead to suggest that readers investigate when something stated does not exactly match what one believes to be true.  It could be that the author “took a long walk down a short pier”, or that the author is revealing accurate information which simply cannot be found through other resources (and may in the process be directly contradicting information sources you have used in the past).  If you do not investigate in such cases, you may lose an important opportunity to learn something that could prove to be extremely valuable.