Single Sign-On Security Issue in Patchset

18 11 2010

November 18, 2010

I just browsed though Metalink (MOS) to see which operating system platforms are currently supported for Oracle Database  I noticed that the patchset for 64 bit Linux was updated yesterday, and more digging revealed that all of the patches for the other supported operating systems were also recently updated.

Take a look at Metalink Doc ID 1179474.1 and 1266978.1 for more information to see if you should re-download the 4.7GB patchset.


Edit November 18, 2010:

If you have some time, and you are planning to upgrade to Oracle Database, spend a little time reading on Metalink – it is interesting to see what is fixed in  A couple of interesting articles that I found include:

  • Doc ID 10142788.8, Bug 10142788 – Natively compiled PL/SQL in can result in ora-04030: out of process memory
  • Bug 10274128 – Compressing and moving a partition fails in
  • Bug 10297087 – NFS mount warning in
  • Bug 10294904 – Selecting the COUNT(*) from ALL_SYNONYMS requires an hour to complete in, but just a couple seconds in earlier releases
  • Bug 10297041 – Create synonym invalidates objects in
  • Bug 10188727 – Some SQL failing with ORA-3113 or ORA-7445 after upgrade to
  • Doc ID 1264550.1, Bug:8352378 – Wrong Results on with Function-Based Index and OR Expansion
  • Doc ID 285586.1 – ORA-600 [kdsgrp1]
  • Doc ID 138554.1 – ORA-600 [17059]
  • Doc ID 284433.1 – ORA-600 [25027]
  • Doc ID 138428.1 – ORA-600 [15160]
  • Doc ID 300581.1 – ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk]
  • Doc ID 300637.1 – ORA-600 [qertbfetchbyrowid]
  • Doc ID 567171.1 – _FIX_CONTROL
  • Doc ID 94036.1 – CURSOR_SHARING
  • Doc ID 62338.1 – _COMPLEX_VIEW_MERGING



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