The Transforming Face of the Oracle Support Site

23 12 2011

December 23, 2011

A day or two ago I saw an announcement that the HTML (non-Flash) version of the Oracle Support site was to be phased out in January 2012.  It seems like the last time I tried to use that site, the search functionality did not quite work for Oracle Database products; I gave up on the HTML version of the site and went back to the Flash-based version of the site. 

The performance of the Flash-based version of Metalink (I usually navigate to the site by entering into the web browser’s address bar) My Oracle Support has improved significantly since the initial launch, and it appears that once the website is loaded, it is a bit more stable now.  I do not own any i products (iPhone, iPad, iToy) which do not support Flash, so the Flash-based version of the Oracle support site works OK on most of my devices (Windows 7 64 bit with IE 9, Windows 7 32 bit with IE 8, Windows XP 32 bit, Motorola Xoom, Amazon BlackBerry Playbook, etc.) as long as Flash is supported in the web browser.  Now the shocker, the Flash-based version of the support site is also planned to be phased out, based on Metalink (MOS) Doc ID 1385682.1.

Turning the other cheek, or doing an about-face?  The support document mentions that ADF Faces will be used – the site will be built using Oracle Application Development Framework.  I hate to say that this is a case of Oracle eating its own dog food – maybe there is a better way to state that the support site will be using their own technology rather than the technology of a third party?  I wonder if the Oracle OTN forums are also being redesigned to use Oracle technology, rather than that of a third party?  On a related note, it appears that the OTN forum site has fixed the Internal Server Error problem.

Anyone found any additional information about the change to the support site?  Any experience with ADF Faces?



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23 12 2011

Nice post full of sarcastic comments (which I enjoyed!) 🙂

23 12 2011
Charles Hooper

I wonder if Oracle Corp. will invest heavily in this company:
(That link came through in a mailing list, so I thought that I would include it – the site even utilizes customized HTML error messages)

23 12 2011

lol! I think Oracle guys in acquisitions teams must be busy searching “cloud” word on google, prepare a potential list of companies and start negotiating the price.

23 12 2011

My Oracle Support has a mobile site that works with all mobile devices, including Apple.

23 12 2011
Charles Hooper


Thanks for the link. I did not realize that Oracle Support built a custom version of the site for mobile users.

24 12 2011
Damir Vadas

Once I have ask official Oracle people what is their message when a tons of technologies they say to us to use, they use something different.
And like in former SSSR, this is forbidden subject … no one wants to answer.
But the main point is that a person who introduce flash on Oracle site is now highly positioned manager.
Damir Vadas

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