Strange Search Terms – Are the Answers Out There?

22 08 2010

August 22, 1010

I posted the first blog articles on this blog roughly nine months ago.  In the last nine months I have published roughly 230 blog articles, which is roughly 210 more than anticipated.  What happened to just posting Oracle Database test cases to demonstrate Oracle Database behavior?  I started seeing somewhat unusual search terms appearing in WordPress’ statistics for the site, so I gradually added additional content.  The additional content that I wrote did not necessarily answer the questions found in searches, but the searches provided me with motivation, thinking that DBAs and developers really wanted to know THE answer quickly.  Is it possible to be both quick and thorough?  I guess that my answer to that question is no, otherwise I would have stopped after completing the 20th blog article.

So, what are some of the most interesting and/or strange search terms?  Here are a few – these are actual search terms (in a completely non-random order):

pig outer join
buffer hit% awr
low buffer hit ratio
buffer cache hit ratio 11g
cache hit percentage oracle 11g            (53 hits)
optimize non standard block cache sizes    (79 hits)
using a large database block size for or
funny examples of root cause analysis
oracle inconsistent reads
ipad metalink oracle
more locks with oracle 11g
oracle index hint not working burles
sql injection ora-00907
ora books architectural books
sql true false quiz
michigan oaktable symposium               (65 hits)

Searching to find knowledge… a much better approach than knowing the answer, while not knowing the question that is being answered.

Entering, stage right… Moans the Magnificent (Carnac the Magnificent‘s distant cousin).  Moans the Magnificent might not know the questions to the first two search answers, but I am sure that he would have no trouble with the remainder of the list.  Possible examples:

Answer: Michigan OakTable Symposium
Possible follow-up question provided by Moans the Magnificent: Name an event that not even the oracles of the world could have predicted to have more of an impact on the climate than Al Gore inventing the Internet.

Answer: SQL Injection
Possible follow-up question provided by Moans the Magnificent: What is the relationship between code monkeys, fertility clinics, and the big book of child names?

Moans the Magnificent will be the opening session at the Michigan OakTable Symposium in Ann Arbor, MI on Thursday September 16, 2010 and Friday September 17, 2010.  Registration for the event is still open, however hotel rooms are in short supply.  Moans the Magnificent will be joined by roughly twenty other OakTable Network members from around the world, providing a one-of-a-kind two day training session (this will not be an annual event) with virtually on-on-one contact with some of the world’s most respected Oracle DBAs, consultants, programmers, and there might even be a chance to mingle with a couple of the developers who wrote some of the Oracle Database features that we all use on a daily basis.

You could continue to search for the answer… or you could directly talk with the people who know the answer.